Municipal Court



You have the right to hire an attorney to represent you. If you are going to hire your own attorney, you must advise the Court Clerk at least one week prior to your hearing date that an attorney will appear with you. Failure to do so may result in your case being continued to a second hearing date.

You have the right to speak on your own behalf or remain silent. You may present witnesses to the Court to testify in your behalf. If your witnesses will not voluntarily appear in court, you have the right to have them ordered to appear. If you will give their names and addresses to the Court Clerk, she will give you a subpoena for them.

You have the right to appeal if you are found guilty at your hearing. You appeal to the District Court of Grady County where you will be allowed a new trial. You must file your intent to appeal in District Court within 10 days of the hearing at which you were found guilty.

The City of Chickasha Municipal Court

The ticket you received is a legal document charging you with a violation. It requires you to take certain action. You must either enter a plea or appear in court at the designated date and time. The plea information is located on the back side of your ticket.


2001 W. Iowa Avenue

Chickasha, OK 73018

(405) 222-6022

Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm

(exceptions: City Holidays)

If you are pleading guilty or no contest, you have the following options:

Pay In Person

Chickasha Police Department

Chickasha Municipal Court Clerk's Office - Physical Address

2001 W. Iowa Avenue, Chickasha OK

Pay by Mail

Enclose a copy of your completed ticket, write the ticket number on your check or money order and mail it to our mailing address:

Chickasha Municipal Court

117 N. 4th Street

Chickasha, OK 73018


Pay Online

Use your Visa or MasterCard to pay online: Click on Online Bill Pay at the top left of this page.

This must be received on or before your scheduled initial court appearance date and time listed on your ticket. This date is on the ticket above your signature. By pleading guilty or no contest this plea has the same effect as a judgment of the court and if applicable will be sent to the Department of Public Safety and/or appropriate agency.

Failure to Appear

If you fail to appear on or before the court appearance date listed on your ticket a warrant will be issued for your arrest, an additional charge for Fail to Appear will be filed against you and your driver's license may be suspended if applicable.

If you are pleading not guilty and wish to set a hearing date to appear before the judge, you must enter your plea of "Not Guilty" and post a bond on or before your initial court appearance date listed on your ticket. This date is written on the ticket above your signature.

After you have posted bond you will be given a hearing date from the clerk. At the time of the hearing you will be given an opportunity to present testimony and any evidence to aid you in your defense to the complaint on file.